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----We support

You may help
the poor, the aged, the sick, widows, orphans,  singles with children and needy people

We suppor

  • soup kitchen, clothes stocks

  • welfare institutions, hospitals

  • help centers for out- patients, hospices

  • and old people’s homes

  • orphanages and children’s homes

We support the medical supply of individuals and of institutions which care for needy people.

The aim
of our help is to support people who do not have enough for their living.

What do we need?

  • Food

  • basic food with long durability,

  • vitamin food

  • Clothes

  • also shoes and clothes for children

  • Toilet requisites

  • bed clothes, towels,

  • detergents,

  • supplies for asylums

  • medical supply

  • like syringes,

  • wheel chairs and

  • equipment for hospitals

  • and school material

                        The supplies are collected, assorted, packed and
directly by truck to the needy in the
                        different countries.

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